The Stem Cell Therapy treatment begins with an exfoliation, which will remove dead skin cells, creating an unobstructed pathway to the layers of your skin. Our Stem Cell Therapy treatment utilizes stem cells, which contain growth factors that act as chemical messengers and communicate with our cells to designate how they function. In this instance, growth factors communicate with the cells responsible for cell turnover, collagen production, and elastin production by transferring young, energized cell structure information to weaker skin cell structures. Stem Cell Therapy can be done as a standalone treatment with the exfoliation or without as an enhancement to any facial, laser, or microneedling treatment.


During your consultation, you and your medical provider will create a customized treatment plan and determine a frequency that will best benefit your unique skin type.

Stem Cell Therapy does not have any downtime, and it can even reduce the downtime experienced after laser treatments.